The clinic for the people who are in trouble with love…

The relationship between love and marketing, on one side, and between love and business, on the other side, is a really interesting and actual topic.

A couple of years ago I heard about a really impressive news: somebody in the USA had created a clinic to help people in trouble with love. The most particular aspect of this clinic is that their preferred remedy for not suffering or for suffering less is simply to chat with their “patients”…

Yes, you have understood well!

Do you suffer because of your “lost love”? No problem! They’ll take care of you by hearing from you and chatting with you.

However, I argue that beyond what seems to be their real cure (that is “chats”), instead they rely on specific tools and strong methods.

All told, their positioning in the market is no doubt brilliant, for two main reasons:

a)  all of us have been suffering for love, at least one time in his/her own life and  when such an event occurs, everybody tends to bother his/her best friend for hours and hours, even for months and months. The reason why is that in these cases we need to burn out our suffering

b) nowadays, there is a clear lack of social ties and the digital life can be a real trap from this point of view. People really need somebody to talk with and to be heard by. As mentioned previously on this blog, the scenario of the postmodern society is very complicated and chaotic. In this context, people are continuously in the search for something and/or somebody to trust in. In essence, they need assurances they no longer have

c) psychologists are usually perceived in a bad way. The reason for this to happen is that a vast number of people think that if they ask psychologists for consulting, the others might see them as crazy. In reality, this is also the fault of psychologists, who – at least in Italy – are not able to approach the market in a smart way. This is also due to corporative matters and lobbies.

It’s worth noting that the services offered by a psychologist could actually range beyond the traditional one, that is providing care for true pathologies, thus including, for example, even a regenerative or inspiring chat, yet managed in a professional manner.

However, further is to say… Keeping on the same field, another strange and interesting case still comes from the USA, where somebody has started selling hugs

What a strange society we live in…

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